Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mira - The Pup Who Lived

Mira is really a cute lovable essence.

Meet Mira.

Her name is pronounced 'Mee-rah' instead of 'My-ra', not even 'Mir-ror'. Like any other ordinary puppies, Mira is cute with her soft fur and beautiful eyes, of course very mischievious, loves to sink her small fangs in almost everything she sees or smells especially plastic bags, sometimes a little annoying to the family, but nonetheless there's is this something you can't hate at all no matter what.

Oh, don't get deceived by her innocent look, as she pretends to raise her front paw to 'shake your hand'. When you stretch your hand to shake her paw, you're in for a big surprise. =)
One thing you must know. She's far more special than any other puppies out there. The name 'Mira' also exists for a reason. For those who've known or seen my sister's blog, or touched Mira before MAY know the reason why.

October 1, 2008 is the day we met. But unfortunately not the way we intended to. One afternoon, my sister heard yelps outside the house. She was restess at that point, but as the yelps kept continuing non-stop, she decided to check it out. When she reached the drain outside our house, she was shocked. She found a small, feeble puppy in the grass-overgrown drain. When she picked her up, the puppy was so weak you can't even feel her breathing. But to have the strength to keep yelping, it really is amazing already.

She brought the puppy back to our house. I left my laptop to see the ill-fated puppy. We were dumbstruck when we inspected her entire body. She was covered with many fire-ants, perhaps over one hundred of them, all sinking their jaws right into the flesh of the poor puppy. Something else caught our eyes and left us flabbergasted. On 3 parts of its body, there are HOLES filled and infested by fire-ants, larvae and maggots. They were crawling all around the holes. You can even see its brain, slowly moving constantly. Other than that, we turned her around and saw more fire-ants sticking on the puppy's flesh. I will not provide any pictures of the puppy's condition that time, because trust me, it really is an unbearable sight to behold.

We felt so helpless, we did not know what to do. Anything we do to try help the puppy may result in worsening her condition, or for the worst. The puppy was getting weaker and weaker every minute. We can't watch her die just like that! We have to help her at all cause! Then I did one of the most disgusting thing ever in my life so far - to pluck out all the fire-ants from her body. The puppy whimpered in agony as one by one the fire-ants are plucked out. When I pluck out one fire-ant, it feels exactly like taking out the cover of a pen. I'm serious. I believe no one would like to experience something like that, but for the puppy's sake, I don't care and I'll keep doing anything I can to rescue her from her misery.

After taking out ALL the damned fire-ants (except those stuck in her 3 deep flesh wounds), we brought her to the vet to get her healed and wounds all sealed up. This is how she was right after the operation: Creepy-crawlies removed and hole remains.

The doctor said she has only a 50/50 chance of survival. This puppy has been too lucky to ever survive this mishap. Other puppies might just give in to Nature's Act. As we placed her into a small basket covered with cloth, the puppy showed no sign of breathing. At first we thought she wasn't going to make it, also giving in to Nature's Act. But we sincerely prayed to God so that this puppy will be able to overcome this horror befalling her. Survive, little puppy! We have faith in you!

Then, after the days pass by, she started to show some signs of recovering and fighting to survive.

Soon after that, she started to walk and eat normally. All her wounds were also healing. In the end, we were all touched deeply when we heard her first joyful bark.

Till now, she is still the same puppy, biting whatever she smells, giving surprises to people trying to shake her hand, and giving us a hard time to make her quiet. But she's still special. That's why we all love her. We may get bitten and have our shoes dragged to any corner of the backyard. Well, what's that compared to our unconditional love towards dear Mira?

To look back at my first sentence of the blog, despite the grammar error, there's actually a meaning inside it. That's also the reason why we called her 'Mira'.

Mira Is Really A Cute Lovable Essence


Philip said...

now i know why ur sister cares Mira. Good Job buddy!

J.Y. said...

Wait, 'buddy' refers to the one who cares Mira? The one who written this blog? Or the one who survived? XD

Alison said...

the one who written the blog duh....

but thumbs up & standing oviation man, super duper awesome!


Roxanne said...

wow, Mira is soooo cute~ and the name is very meaningful.^^