Thursday, January 8, 2009

A terrifying driving lesson

I failed my QTI.

To be honest, I nearly forgotten how afraid I was to sit in any kind of transport, for example, buses, trains and even airplanes. The reason is because I fear that at anytime if the transport malfunctions or explodes, I'll die in it and there's nothing I can do but have my life ended. Well, that's thinking too pessimistic, you may say. Whatsoever, I FEARED being in transportations, soon after sitting on KTMs, LRTs and 'AirAsia's, I forgotten how afraid I was about this matter. After my QTI, I FEAR being in transportations. Not as serious as before, but it kept my hear pounding insanely.

So after 8 hours of driving lessons, I gained plenty practices and experience on 'Naik Bukit', 'Parking' and 'Tiga Penjuru'. Which is my most confident part? It's the driving-on-the-highway part. XD Then, my QTI (Pra-Ujian) started and a so-called examiner entered the small lime green Kancil. He wasn't as friendly as my instructor before, so I got a little uncomfortable and started driving.

The way he instructs is completely different than the previous instructor. The aunty taught me to go slow and steady, make sure you have a long distance afar before U-turning or switching lanes. But this uncle rushes. Just like those ordinary drivers. He will ask me to switch gear even before I gain speed and he wants me to switch lanes as fast as I could, even though a speeding car is heading my way. In other words, the aunty is 'slow' and 'steady', the uncle is 'fast' and 'aggresive'. Maybe I'm too slow and steady already even though it's not a bad thing. But I admit, I was very nervous and panicking when he kept instructing me to rush and rush. I wasn't used to it, so I didn't know what I was doing. Just after that, when I turned out of the U-junction, suddenly, way too abruptly due to losing control over his instructions...

I hit the brakes on the opposite road after the junction. The car stopped dead.

The uncle was yelling at me like hell. I stared to my left and stunned as I saw cars speeding towards me. My whole mind went blank. It's a feeling similar to you standing in front of a locomotive train's railways, head on with the light-speed train. The cars started horning frenzily without decelerating, the instructor starts yelling at me like hell, forcing me to keep rushing and drew his hands on my steering wheel to take over. This could sound dramatic, but at that moment, everything was like moving in slow-motion. My whole body paralyzed with fear, there was nothing in this world that could knock me out of this feeling. For the first time of my life, I felt so afraid and lost. I had no idea what would happen next, perhaps I don't even know what to do at all. Then... suddenly, uncertain of who or what made me snap back to reality...

I pressed down the accelerator with full force and released my foot from the clutch. The whole car jerked and sped off the road, right into another safe lane for U-turning. Without hesitation, I grabbed the steering wheel and spun with all my might. My heart was pounding like crazy, pounding as if it never pounded before. After much hard work, I finally regained control over the Kancil. The uncle was extremely furious but petrified as well. I turned out of the safe lane and resumed my journey back to the JPJ HQ.

After reaching the HQ, he left the car in a hurry, sat on a table nearby and wrote my marks for this QTI. I didn't care at all on how much marks I got, at the moment I was still recalling the events that happened not long ago, on how careless and reckless I was, on how I could get myself and the uncle killed right on the spot, on how I treated all these driving lessons as a game just because I assumed I got the hang on it...... The reason I disliked driving and refused to learn driving all came to surface.

Before much thoughts, the uncle handed over my results. I stared at the paper and I was stunned once again.

After reaching home at the end of my lesson, as I sit in front of my laptop typing this, I still could not forget what happened today. Because of today, I learnt a valuable lesson. Don't take driving too lightly. As a driver, you put every passenger's safety in your hands, not just that, all those pedestrians, motorcyclists and cars near you are also indirectly under your mercy. One careless move and tragedies will happen. Just keep that in mind guys. Anyway, I passed my QTI actually, but to me, I'll take it as a fail, because I screwed up in the end. Badly. The only words the uncle written are these:

I was willing to go for another 2 hours. I don't mind. I will not repeat the same mistake again. I will not! The next time I step into a car, I will not be careless! I will always be in constant vigilance at all cause! It's a promise to myself and I will keep it!

Anyway, if you guys have any terrible driving experiences, whether before, during or after the JPJ exam, feel free to comment them here for all of us, I'll appreciate that. Oh, for some of you who don't know how to post comments (a friend of mine doesn't know), just click on 'Comments' and click the third tab: Name/URL. You can put your name but not the URL. The comment will go up as usual. =)

Till next time, JPJ exam, I'll be ready!


Chiao Hui said...

We do not know what will we act when we are in panic. Our actions are beyond our control at this time. So you do not need to feel so bad about it, everyone has or will experience this one day. I have also experienced it before. So i quite understand how it feels, especially when you have everything around you screwed up and the world around us are as if crumbling down. For now just try to rest your mind, regain your inner peace, then move forward again =)i bet ur resurrection power is way better than me. All the best!

Peta 'N' Ming said...

lol...well.. it's an experience to learn from.. hehehehe
funny tho.. hahah... im replaying the scene in my head..

J.Y. said...

At that moment if you said that I may slap you. But now, come to think about it, it's quite funny. XD

And thanks chiao. =) Man, I have a slight feeling that I'm losing to you over the vocabulary part. Better start reading more books...

Alison said...

I can't imagine that, but that "uncle" is way too pushy. Just go on ur own speed, don't panic. It's normal 2 panic, but its also good that u understand the responsibility of driving.

Its not play.Not only u & ur passengers are endangered if one drives recklessly but all the public around u.

Good luck in ur final test, u can do it! Just go steady at ur own pace.The examiner cant say u're wrong for driving steadily.

♡charles♡ said...

erm...actually pass d QTI or JPJ exam doesnt means anything, who wont get in2 accident after passed those noob car exam? Like me, wakaka~~~ u noe wat happened de lar, sob sob...anyway, try hard man XD

Roxanne said...

it is normal if u failed ur 1st driving test, dont be so upset, coz i failed twice in my driving test also and the 3rd time , so juz let it be and try to calm down in ur nx test.

J.Y. said...

It's just my pre-test aka pra-ujian la, my real JPJ driving EXAM haven't started yet = =. Anyway, I'll be having the exam at jan 15. So let's hope that I know what I'm doing this time.